ARK No. TD23-04
Arrived at ARK October 2023
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in September, 2018
Weight 11 kg
Breed Shiba Inu
Background David Bowie's former owners were expecting a baby and felt they couldn't look after him.

With a name like David Bowie, you know this guy is a little rock star! Davie is most certainly a character and we all love him for it. He is affectionate and playful and really enjoys his squeaky toys. He has a zest for life and we love his easy going, chilled out attitude. Davie has been known to slide up against your leg to ask for cuddles and will be the first in line to go on a adventurous walk. He also gets along with other dogs and is overall very adaptable and friendly. That being said, he does have his diva moments where if gets annoyed with something, he will make it known with a little huff. However, with such an adorable face, how can one get upset? What we can tell you for certain, is Davie is no space oddity and you’ll feel lucky to have him as your new best friend.