ARK No. D52-19HH
Arrived at ARK Mar 2024.
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in September 2021
Weight 8 kg
Breed Toy poodle
Background Darren's owners returned to their home country but couldn't take Darren with them.
Meet Darren! Darren came to ARK along with his friend Morrish. The two of them make quite the adorable pair don’t you think? Darren is friendly towards everyone and anyone he meets and is particularly fond of climbing on people’s laps for cuddles. He is affectionate, playful, bright and has so much love to give. Darren is also a keen walker and does very well on the lead. Together, these two are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and as they are so close, we would love for them to be rehomed together.