Born around 2008 or 2009
Golden Retriever


ARK No. D42-5X
Arrived at ARK January 2014
Sex Male
Age Born around 2008 or 2009
Size 33kg (a little too thin)
Breed Golden Retriever
Colour Golden
Background Abandoned in a park.

If there’s one thing Dan loves, it’s a walk! Oh, and then there’s food! And people! Being a new boy at ARK, Dan didn’t spend any time in a shared enclosure when he was at the shelter, but judging by his demeanor on walks, we are fairly sure he will be just fine with other dogs. Dan is such a good boy, he didn’t even mind clinic staff taking blood and doing a checkup. He still needs a little training to learn how to walk without pulling on the lead, but he’ll work that out. What we can’t work out is why such a nice boy was abandoned at all. Dan’s quite ready to forget about his past. Would you like to be part of his future?