ARK No. C24-102Z
Arrived at ARK November 2016
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born around May 2016
Weight 2.7kg (as of February 2017)
Colour Black
Background Crow was found injured, wandering around a house. 

Aren’t black cats like myself charming? I couldn’t agree more! My name is very fitting too I think. I have a beautiful shiny raven coat. My history is a bit mysterious. I was found wandering around a neighborhood with an injured hind leg. I may have been hit by a car or attacked somehow, but considering this, I am in great spirits! I love to run around and play and I have many cat friends. My vet thinks I have a lower spinal injury of some sort, although I move around just fine. The only issue I have is going to the bathroom. I need a little help in that department. With my injury, I can’t physically tell when I need to go! So, the kind staff at ARK come push my belly so I do my business, twice a day. It sounds rather uncomfortable but believe me, it doesn’t really bother me. If the staff don’t help me, it can be very damaging to my health, so I’m grateful!

Apart from that, I’m a super friendly, cheeky but charming cat, who just wants to find a happy home. If you’re willing to help me out in the toilet department everyday, than I can be the perfect companion for you.