ARKナンバー TC18-02
Arrived at ARK February 2018
Sex Female
Age Born on October 5, 2017
Weight 1.9 kg (as of March 2018)
Colour White calico
Background Rescued near a busy road with her mother and siblings.

She might have a few strong words to say about anything new and a bit scary, but flash her claws? Never!

We all know cats are endowed with ample curiosity, but we think Cottet might have queued up twice! Once something catches her attention, she’s unstoppable! At the moment, it’s the ever-fascinating water that comes out of the tap sometimes. She really wants to work out the whys and wherefores.

Her favourite mode of transport? On your shoulder, of course! What better way to make sure she can survey her kingdom safely? When all is right in her world, she’ll purr to you to let you know. You’ll have NO problems with communication.

If you already have a cat, she might have a few words to say about that too, but she’ll fine in no time.