ARK No. TD18-03
Arrived at ARK May 2018
Sex Male
Age Born in November 2016
Weight 18 kg (as of May 2018)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour Black & tan
Background Kombu was successfully adopted, but one of the family developed serious allergies and he had to come back.
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Born to a stray mother, Kombu had no contact with humans until he was 2 months old. His wiley mother must have taught him not to trust people, because this handsome lad is rather timid and afraid.


There’s not a sceric of aggression in Kombu – he’s as sweet and gentle as a lamb.

If there’s one thing Kombu loves…it’s other dogs! He’ll play with new friends like he’s known them all his life and even teach puppies how to behave.

It takes him a while to get to know people, so we’re hoping he can go to a home where there’s already another dog…