ARK No. D41-86W
Arrived at ARK June 2013
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born in June 2011
Weight 19.25kg(as of August 2020)  
Breed Mix
Colour White
Background A group of unspayed/unneutered dogs lived in the mountains and were being fed by someone. People in the area began to complain. Thirty-four dogs were rescued and brought to ARK.
From ARK He is afraid of people so it would be great if you come see him constantly until he gets used to you. His skin is sensitive so he’ll need shampooing regularly.
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You probably remember the group of dogs that were rescued from the mountains. I am one of those. Growing up “wild” as it were, I had no human socialization. That made me timid and shy. I am very afraid of cars and strangers. I moved to the Sasayama shelter which is quieter for me. Now I love going for walks. In fact, I am a big puppy now! I like to play and I am happy. Olaf is my friend and we love to be together. Now it is time I find my own forever home. I hope I can find a family who understands my background and can be patient with me. I need lots of experiences!