ARK No. C27-6HH
Arrived at ARK February 2024
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in August 2023
Weight 3.6kg
Background Churros was rescued by his former owner but couldn't be kept.

With Churros around, you are guaranteed to smile and laugh. He is quite the character! At first glance, he seems reserved and even cautious but give him some time and you will see what a fun boy he is to be around. Churros may also be the most affectionate out of his siblings and will demand cuddles and belly rubs at the most inconvenient times- such as when staff are trying to do their work! With his cheeky character and adorable expressions, its hard not to fall in love. We hope Churros will be able to be rehomed with one of his siblings, as they are very fond of each other.