ARK No. C20-62W
Arrived at ARK June 2013
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around January 2012.
Weight 3.6 kilos (as of 2013)
Colour Tri-Colour
Background Someone at a company fed stray cats in an unused garage. The company started to use the garage again and there was no place for the cats.

I think from the angle of my photo you can only see a little of my gorgeous fur. Can you see these different colors? I’m a real beauty! I only know the woman who fed me so I’m still shy around strangers. I like it when people pet me. I will get used to you soon if you keep on petting me. I don’t mind when the vet does treatments either. I’m a good girl who’s now looking for a loving home. Wouldn’t you like to add a beautiful girl like me to your family?