ARK No. D49-10CC
Arrived at ARK February 2019
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in 2008
Weight 9.32kg (as of February 2019)
Breed Dachshund
Colour Dapple
Background Chuck was one of the 15 dogs surrendered to Ark, after the owner was unable to care for them. 

Hi my name is Chuck. My personality is relaxed and rather “motherly”. You may need to be patient with me, because I walk very slowly but I actually enjoy leisurely strolls very much. I am on diet now, much to my delight, so you will see me sticking my tongue out in protest! (its rather cute they say) I don’t pull on the leash when walking and I am potty-trained. I behave well at the vet or at the groomer’s. I was one of the 15 dogs who were kept by my owner so it would be lovely to be adopted by a family who can provide a calm and relaxing life for me!