ARK No. D49-116BB
Arrived at ARK December 2018
Sex Male
Age Born around 2014
Weight 22.4 kg (as of January 2019)
Breed Crossbreed  (Golden Retriever cross?)
Colour Brown
Background Impounded in Kumamoto and brought to ARK.

No-one knows what my name was before I came to ARK, but I think it’s perfect. I’m happy, fun and everyone loves me – just like Christmas! I was also brought to ARK on December 25.

I love people and dogs so much that I get soooo excited when I meet them on a walk. I’m really keen to learn. Right now, I’m learning to be calm and not tug on the leash I’m getting pretty good at it, too! I just want to make everyone happy, especially my forever family. Could that be you?