ARK No. C26-64BB
Arrived at ARK September 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in  March 2018
Size 3.11kg(as of October 2018)
Colour Gray tabby
Background Chevy was born to a stray mother and was rescued as a kitten. The new owner couldn’t continue caring for him, so he was brought to Ark. 

Hey there! I’m Chevy and I am one handsome boy. I’m a little nervous to start with, but after some time, I will warm up to you and ask for a nice neck scratch. I get on well with other cats too, so if you already have a feline friend at home, that would work well with me. My favourite thing to do is take a nap under the warm sunny rays, so perhaps we can do that together if you take me home with you!