ARK No. D49-44CC
Arrived at ARK July 2019
Sex Female
Age Born in July 2009
Weight 3.06kg  (as of July 2019)
Breed Miniature Pinscher
Colour Black and tan
Background Chen’s owners surrendered her to Ark after their family moved to a property that didn’t allow pets.

Oops, be careful where you walk! I’m so tiny, you may not see me! At only three kilograms, I am a very small girl but I have a big personality! I am very sweet and in fact love attention, but due to some past trauma, I’ve been known to put up a “tough girl attitude” to hide my insecurities. That’s usually when I first meet people though. After spending some time with you (treats are always helpful!) I will begin to trust you and show my sweet side.

Perhaps due to my past, I’m very afraid of children and going to the vet. However, I’ve been trained to put on a muzzle. See what a smart girl I am?

I’m looking for a new family (no young children please) who will be understanding of my past and help me overcome my insecurities. Please come visit me soon….and perhaps bring along some yummy treats??