ARK No. D51-14FF
Arrived at ARK April 2022
Location Sasayama
Sex Female
Age Born in April 2020
Weight 6.2 kgs (As of April 2020)
Breed Shiba Inu
Background Canella’s former owner was elderly and unable to care for her adequately.

Canella is an adorable little Shiba who is gradually coming out of her shell and showing us what a delight she is. She is still quite timid around people (due to a lack of socialization) but she is starting to gain confidence and is generally a lot more settled. When we first leashed her up, she would freeze and stay still, but now she enjoys her walks with her tail wagging happily. We think with the right family, Canella will overcome more of her shyness and show her true colours. She is a sweetheart who just needs reassurance, patience and a lot of love.