ARK No. D38-249U
Arrived at ARK November 2011
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in 2008
Weight 12.2 kilos (as of May, 2016)
Colour Brown
Background The previous owner passed away.

Can you see me? The staff has called these roots the “Buzz

pockets.” I like to hide in here. I am guessing you can already tell I

am a shy dog. I am interested in new people but still hesitate to get

too close. My best buddy is Woody. I am braver when he is around

to support me. I am a good dog who needs a loving home with

people who will give me a chance. Sometimes people pass up the

shy ones like me. But, like the others, I want my own home too!

Please come see me. If you don’t find me at first, look around the

tree roots!


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