ARK No. D51-62FF
Arrived at ARK November 2022
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Female
Age Born in August, 2022
Weight 5.1 kg(As of December 2022)
Breed Crossbreed
Background Brownie and her sister Muffin were both to a stray dog.

Apart from being absolutely adorable, Brownie is a delightful, curious, playful and energetic puppy! She didn’t have much socialization with people before being rescued and is therefore a little wary of strangers, but she is slowly opening up to us. She is getting used to the idea of people day by day and enjoys her pats and gentle cuddles. Brownie is in the inquisitive and curious puppy stage and likes to discover new places (with her puppy playmates) and objects…particularly with her mouth! She also loves her food and when its time to eat, she will bark in delight and make sure she is first in line to eat! Gradually, we are introducing Brownie to the idea of leashed walks and hope to get her up and going soon. Being a puppy, we are looking for a family who will be able to spend enough time with Brownie, continue her training, and work on socializing her. Most importantly, we are looking for a family who are ready to provide her unconditional love and be bombarded with puppy cuteness in return.