ARK No. D49-115BB
Arrived at ARK December 2018
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around December, 2017
Weight 17 kg
Breeding Crossbreed
Background Brexit was found malnourished and abandoned in a mountain

My front right leg and left back leg are a little shorter than the other two, making it slightly harder for me to walk. The ARK family think it maybe due to malnutrition when I was a puppy. Even with this disability, I actually love walks and when we got all snowed on, I was happy as could be and ran around enjoying the different view. Other than walks, I love to eat and play with other dogs. I am also very good at staying still while being groomed or treated. I may seem a bit shy at first, but I am energetic and tough and my 2 shorter legs definitely don’t hold me back.

Adoption Application