ARK No. C26-10BB
Arrived at ARK March 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in 2008
Colour Tabby
Background Bonbori’s owner became ill and was unable to continue caring for him. He was then surrendered to ARK.

You may look at my profile picture and think to yourself, “what is this guy up to?” Well, I’m actually just checking to see if you have any treats on you. You see, I love my food! Food and toys are my favourite things. I was super nervous when I first came to ARK and I was always hiding in the corner, but once I got to know the staff and volunteers, I came out of my shell. Now, I will slide across your legs to say hello and play with people. I’m a very sweet and calm boy who is just looking for his forever home. Perhaps that will be with you?