Born in April in 2010
Belgian Tervuren
Mahogany & black


ARK No. D42-36X
Arrived at ARK March 2014
Sex Male
Age Born in April in 2010
Size 31kg
Breed Belgian Tervuren
Colour Mahogany & black
Background When their daughter moved out, leaving her two large dogs, Blyth’s owners kept him and his friend Gran chained outside for two years, while keeping their own dog, a Burnese Mountain Dog, inside as a member of the family.

At first glance you might think, “Is that a Shepherd?” Well, yes, but not a German Shepherd. My ancestors are from Belgium. I am a gorgeous, playful, people loving dog. Now, you might find this hard to believe (I sure do)…. I was kept chained up for 2 years. That is NO way for a dog to live. Fortunately I am free now and I am looking for a loving home. I want a family. I want people who will walk me, play with me and love me.