ARK No. D51-69FF
Arrived at ARK December 2022
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in April, 2019
Weight 6.6 kgs
Breed Toy poodle
Background Billie’s owner was admitted into a care home and unable to care for him.

Billie is a vibrant and playful Toy Poodle. He absolutely loves people and enjoys greeting visitors! Sadly, Billie was never walked on a leash but we are currently working on some leash training step by step. As you can see from his profile photos, he is doing great so far. An animal shelter is often a daunting place at first for any dog, but surprisingly, Billie has adapted well to his new environment! However, we would of course love for him to find another home (hopefully with cat Romi, who he arrived to ARK with) and be well looked after and thoroughly loved.