Born April 4, 2004
Chocolate Duffle


Arrived at ARK March 2014
Sex Male
Age Born April 4, 2004
Size 9kg (as of March 2013)
Colour Chocolate Duffle
Background His family moved in with aging parents who live in no-pet housing.

Bien loves people so much he’ll roll over and show you his belly any time you might like to give it a rub! He’d never met a cat until he moved into his foster home, but this friendly little fellow is getting on with the family cats just fine. Bien also loves his food, though – perhaps a little too much. He’s working on improving his figure at the moment, so you’ll soon see a slimmer version of him, we hope. As sprightly as he is, Bien is not young. He really wants to be in a happy forever home very soon.