ARK No. D38-259U
Arrived at ARK November 2011
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born around 2009
Weight 17.3kg (as of June 2018)
Colour Black x Beige
Background Beaujolais’ previous owner was a homeless person who became unable to continue to care for him.
Japan Times

What better way to say “hi” than with both paws on your shoulders and a thorough face-licking! Beaujolais has greetings down to a fine art. Ball games, too – this guy is a master!

We won’t call it a fault, but one thing Beaujolais is not too keen on is vet visits. Once he knows and trusts you, though, we’re sure he’ll trust your judgement in that realm, too.

Handsome, charming Beaujolais doesn’t mind sharing his enclosure with a lady dog at ARK, but he would really rather have you all to himself.