ARK No. 35Z
Arrived at ARK May 2016
Sex Male
Age Born in March 2014
Colour Ginger tabby
Background Rehomed as a kitten, but came back to ARK because he did not get on with the family cat.

Bateau in the Japan Times

The beautiful, soft apricot coloured Bateau was rehomed as a kitten, but did not get on well with the resident cat and ended up back at ARK.

While Bateau has a truly feline nature, he really loves people! He doesn’t mind being alone and would be perfect for any home, even if the family is out working during the day.

At an impressive 6kg, Bateau cuts a striking figure, but is by no means overweight. 

Bateau does not always get on with other cats, so we’re hoping this boy can keep his family all to himself.