ARK No. C25-57AA
Arrived at ARK June 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in 2016
Weight 3.67kg (as of December 2017)
Colour Orange tabby
Background Bass and his brother Alto came to ARK after their owners got a divorce. Neither would take them.

“Because I’m all ‘bout the Bass, ‘bout the Bass…no Treble!”

Singer Meghan Trainor was onto something! I came to ARK with my brother Alto, after our owner’s divorced and neither would take us. It’s a shame, but we are settling in comfortably now. In the beginning, I was scared and used to hide in the room but now I enjoy people visiting and love my yummy food! Sometimes with strangers, it takes me a little time to warm up but I always come around…then I enjoy my neck scratches!  I just hope I will get another chance to meet my special someone who will fall in love with a ginger tabby like me!