ARK No. D52-22GG
Arrived at ARK May 2023
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around May 2011
Weight 17.2 kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Barley didn't get along well with his previous owner's other dog.

Meet handsome Barley! This older gentle-dog is very friendly towards everyone and anyone he meets! He loves to be around people and certainly enjoys the cuddles he recieves! One of his favourite pastimes is going up to people and asking for treats, which he is very good at doing. Its quite hard to say “no” to this cutie. Barley is quite the foody and will eat pretty much anything. This is okay with us however, as he is a little underweight and we are trying to put some more kilos on him. Barley gets along with other dogs, for the most part, however it depends on their individual personalities. He is also a very good boy at the vets. We hope Barley gets rehomed to a wonderful family who will give him the retirement home he certainly deserves.

Adoption Application