ARK No. D50-50EE
Arrived at ARK October 2021
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in November 2012
Weight 7.0 kg (As of November 2021)As Axel is a little underweight, we are trying to put some more weight on him.
Breed Mix (Dachshund x Maltese)
Colour White
Background Axel’s owner passed away and due to economical reasons, he could no longer be cared for.

What a dapper looking chap I am, don’t you think? I’m a very handsome mix of Dachshund and Maltese with traits of both in all the right places! My colouring is certainly Maltese, yet my bone structure is that of a dachshund. I’m also a very good boy. I never pull on my walks and I’m quite affectionate, although a little shy to start with. Once I get to know you however, I’ll very happily sit on your lap or be carried around. When I first arrived to ARK, I had a terrible ear infection and was very nervous and scared to be treated, however I’m now slowly on the mend. It would be comforting to have someone understanding of my fear at the vets. In the meantime, I’m waiting for a wonderful family to come to ARK, swoop me up and bring me to my very own loving home.