ARK No. D49-36CC
Arrived at ARK April 2019
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in May 2012
Weight 6kg(as of May 2019)
Breed Shih Tzu
Colour White and cream
Background Family fell ill and was unable to keep Ataru 
I tend to be a bit shy at first but become increasingly friendlier when I’ve gotten used to the new guest. I may even start to rub my head against people once I’ve really opened up. My lower pink lip is all part of my charm. 
I am not very good with playing with other dogs but I did used to live with another cat. That cat and I were really a good match but I would prefer to be the only pet. Other than that, I am usually a good boy and can take walks without pulling. Trims and treatments are ok but if you catch me in a bad mood, I may not be as cooperative (I will let you put a muzzle on). 
Hope I find a wonderful family soon!