ARK No. D48-44BB
Arrived at ARK April 2018
Sex Male
Age Born around 2011
Weight 3,5kg
Breed Poodle × Yorkshire Terrier
Colour Brown
Background Asteroid’s owner became ill and was unable to care for him. 

Since the first day I arrived at ARK, I have been going up to anyone and everyone to say hello, with a wagging tail and a smile on my face. Even if I’m trembling a little out of fear (I’m actually a little nervous sometimes), I will still go up to strangers for a fuss. I’m a very lovable pup. I’m pretty good with toilet sheets too! Although sometimes I have accidents here and there…but I’m getting the hang of it! I’m looking for a forever family who will love me and reassure me that everything is okay and that I have nothing to fear. Oh, I also get on really well with other dogs too!