ARK No. TC22-22
Arrived at ARK October 22, 2022
Sex Male
Age Born in late August, 2022
Weight 900g (as of October 2022)
Colour White tabby
Background Found abandoned with three other kittens by a kind couple who couldn’t keep them.

Would you like to play with me? You’ll have to ask big sis Kirin first, but I’m sure she’ll say yes. We both love to play, but I’m a bit cautious. I really love toys I can chase. You won’t believe how fast I am! You can barely see my legs moving.

Running like the wind is just one of my superpowers. Another one is purring. My sister Kirin and I both have beautiful voices when we purr. When we meow, I’ve got all the volume!

Kirin and I really hope we can go to our forever home together. We’ll keep you entertained with our antics and you won’t have to worry if you are working during the day – we play, wrestle, then cuddle up together for a snooze. We really are a purrfect pair of kittens.