ARK No. D-49-46CC
Arrived at ARK August 2019
Sex Male
Age Born around 2014
Weight 36 kg(as of June.2020)
Breed Akita
Colour White
Background Argos was anonymously dumped in front of the shelter and found by staff. 
My name is Argos and I have become rather well known here at Ark. You see, I was tragically dumped in front of the shelter in terrible shape (one of the worst cases seen at Ark in fact). Luckily, Ms. Oliver and staff members spotted me abandoned and lying on my side. It literally looked like I had acid burns all over my body, but it turns out I have a rare auto-immune disorder and had sarcoptic mange taking over my body. I was very underweight, in a lot of pain and was abandoned without knowing what had happened. I’m so glad Ark came to my rescue and immediately took me to the vet. I needed to be kept in quarantine at Ark as mange is very contagious but from the moment I was found, it became clear that I just love people and don’t have an ounce of aggression or anger towards them. No one knows about my past, but we do know I was severely neglected. 
I have come such a long way since I first arrived and thanks to all the donations and support I’ve received over the months, I have made a speedy recovery and I am now available for adoption. I may need to be on medication for a prolonged period of time but I am doing so well and have really started to shine. I will also need special shampoo pampering sessions for my delicate skin, but I am such a good boy to groom, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!
When I meet you, I’ll ask for pats and rub my face next to your body to have a cuddle (I might add I have the softest most beautiful white fur).
Please give me a chance to shine and finally know what it means to have a family who cares for me.