ARK No. D52-26HH
Arrived at ARK 2024 May
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around May 2016
Weight 8.9 kg
Breed Miniature dachshund
Background Arabella’s owners and family were unable to continue caring for her.
This pint sized cutie is a bundle of joy. Arabella is sweet, kind and has a gentle heart. She is also adorable with her tiny legs and small paws and we especially love it when she looks up at us with her doting eyes! She has her timid moments and can be shy to start with but warms up quickly to people. She is a keen walker and as you can tell from the pictures enjoys being carried around. She is rather overweight and is currently on a diet to keep her healthy and trim. We hope a lovely family will come swoop Arabella up and take her to her new forever home soon.