ARK No. C27-24GG
Arrived at ARK December 2023
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Female
Age Born in December 2018
Weight 3.5 kg
Breed Munchkin
Background Anno's former family moved home and couldn't care for her.
Anno came to us at the end of 2023, hence her name which means “year” in Italian. She is an absolute sweetheart and quickly adapted to life at the shelter. From the get-go, she has been friendly and affectionate, and enjoys climbing up on people’s laps and rolling on to her back for belly rubs. Anno is also a very good girl at the vets and is gentle and kind. She is however, quite the foodie and has been known to turn her nose up in disgust when her food isn’t quite to her liking! All in all, we think Anno will be a lovely addition to a family looking for a quintessential family cat.
Fun fact: Anno is a cat breed called Munchkin, which is in fact quite an old breed from the 1920’s. They’re physical characteristics include shorter legs, round faces and a cheery disposition. They are also known to perch up on their back legs and its very cute.