ARK No. C26-62BB
Arrived at Ark August 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in May 2018
Weight 1.5 kg (As of September 2018) 
Colour Black
Background Anko was found lost in a yard.

I’m Anko! I’m a curious kitty and can be very rambunctious! I love it when you play with me and I’ll start purring as soon as you hold me! When you call my name, I’ll come running with my stubby tail waggin’! Since I may have picked that up from the 2 old dogs I always hang out with, I should be okay with any dogs in your family! I love to sneak up and fall asleep next to people. Won’t you play and let me sleep with you? (Currently with a foster home, but feel free to contact us about Anko)