ARK No. C25-55AA
Arrived at ARK June 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in 2016
Weight 3.02kg (as of December 2017)
Colour Orange tabby
Background Alto’s owners got divorced and could no longer look after him.

My name is Alto and I’m a proud ginger! They say red-heads can have a fiery temper, but not me! I’m a sweetheart! It takes me a little time to get used to new environments but once I feel settled you’ll see me run around and have fun. I get on with other cats too, so a forever family with a kitty, would suit me just fine. When its time for dinner, I like to hang out on your lap. I like to think first come, first serve! I know I would make a lovely addition to a family, so please consider me next time you visit ARK!