ARK No. D51-9GG
Arrived at ARK March 2023
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in October ,2010
Weight 14.0 kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Aloha’s owner was hospitalized.

Say Aloha to Aloha! This kind and gentle soul has never been wary of visitors and from the get-go has melted our hearts with his sweet nature. Aloha is always ready to greet people and enjoys lots of playtime and cuddles. He may be a senior, but that certainly hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life to the fullest! We love his colorful coat, dashing facial features and adorable ears. We are looking for a family who won’t spend too much time away from the home, as Aloha can get a little lonely sometimes, so if you think this may be you, please get in touch with us at ARK.