ARK No. D50-29EE
Arrived at ARK June 2021
Sex Male
Age Born in June 2007
Weight 9.7kg (as of July 2021)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour light brown
Background Acorn was one of the 164 animals rescued from a hoarding situation in Shimane prefecture.

I am one very laid-back and easy going guy. Perfect for a family looking for a calm, sweet, and friendly companion. I enjoy my walks, but sometimes I need a little assistance because my eye-sight is weak, however this doesn’t stop me from going on adventures! I also love my yummy food, soft bedding and I get along with other dogs. Staff think I can live in a house with another dog, but with my weakened eye-sight, being the only animal in the house is more preferable. As an older gentleman I may prefer chilling out, but without a doubt, I will always be happy to see you and be content having you nearby.