【Special Feature】Cats-Sox, Sunny, and Rose Looking for Homes! (Update 1.6)

January 6, 2012

【Special Feature】 Cats-Sox, Sunny, and Rose Looking for Homes! (Update 1.6.12)

Socks and siblings Rose and Sunny are still looking for homes!


We received an update from their foster family! (January 6, 2012)


Rose is here sleeping peacefully on her favorite spot on the sofa… She is a big girl now!

Sunny is entertained by a ribbon!

Rose comes over to investigate.
Sunny tries his best to swipe at the ribbon…
“Hey Rose, help me catch this green thing!”
“Okay Sunny, I’ll give it a try.”
Did they finally catch the ribbon?

Rose is very protective of her brother, but she is actually a gentle girl.
Sunny loves his sister dearly, and they play together all the time.

Socks, a father figure to the kittens, watches over them resting on the cat tower.

The three cats are all healthy and enjoy living with each other.
It would be nice if the kittens found a home together…
Sunny has grown up to be such an elegant looking boy, with scruff and a long tail.
However, his kitten side comes out when he’s playing with his sister.
Rose is a beautiful girl as well! Such a lovely coat, and a gorgeous face!
Socks allows the kittens to walk all over him as usual. Besides the occasional discipline he dishes out, he spoils the kittens with patience and love.

Come visit Socks, Rose, and Sunny at Tokyo ARK!

【Special Feature】 Cats-Sox, Sunny, Rose, Pedro Looking for Homes! (Update 10.24)

Sox and three kitten siblings are looking for homes!

We received new photos from their foster family! (Posted 10.24)





For those interested in adopting, please contact Tokyo ARK!


【Special Feature】Cats-Sox, Sunny, Rose, Pedro

Sox and 3 kitten siblings are looking for an adoption family!

We received a report from their foster home! (Posted: October 11, 2011)

 Sox arrived at ARK back in March. At first, he was a nervous kitten and underweight, but he has become a well-rounded boy and a great cat. When Sunny, Rose and Pedro joined in June, he nurtured them like he was their father. He would play with them, and clean them by licking their fur as if he was their parent. It is clear that Sox loves kittens, so it would be nice if he could take care of a kitten in his adoption home. (Sox is a mix, black and white coat, male, and 2 years old)

 Sunny is similar to Sox not only in appearance, but also in their personalities. They seem like they are related somehow. Between his siblings, he is the outgoing one, and loves to interact with people without hesitation. Meeting new people and animals are a favorite of his. He is also observant, and will watch you while you work away on your computer. (Sunny is a mix, black and white coat, male, and about 6 months old)

 Rose loves to spend time around people, and is quite vocal. She has a sweet and cute little voice that people are instantly taken by. She is a tough gal and will tussle with her brother Pedro. Rose is a tomboy and spend lots of time playing and chasing her favorite toys. She also loves cats and will do great with a household with other cats. (Rose is a mix, calico coat, female, and about 6 months old)

 Pedro is the largest of the siblings, and is the big brother. He has a very cool personality that is very regal. He is wrapped in beautiful black fur, and looks a lot like a panther when he is relaxing on top of the cat tower. His tail is long and his body is slender and sleek. Although he looks and acts like a dignified cat, he loves to have fun with his siblings. His favorite pastime is playing and chasing his siblings around the house. It’s easy to forget that he still is a kitten until you see his playful side. (Pedro is a mix, black fur, male, about 6 months old)

The cats take good care of each other and look out for one another. Not only do they help each other with their grooming, but also sleep in a tightknit ball. All four are waiting to be adopted and ready to meet new families. It would be great if the siblings could grow up together…

If you would like to meet Sox, Sunny, Rose or Pedro, please contact Tokyo ARK! We look forward to hearing from you!