【Thank You!】NuTripe donation of canned dog food!

October 15, 2011

【Thank You!】NuTripe donation of canned dog food!

Nutripe AMBROSIA Beef with Green Tripe

ARK received a donation from the President of NuTripe/Valour Pet!

 NuTripe is a brand of premium dog food with no additives and no grain. NuTripe means neutral tripe. Valour Pets, a company in Singapore, recently donated 35 cases of their Nutripe product, “AMBROSIA” (beef with green tripe) on behalf of their president, Patrick Chua.

 Tripe comes from the abomasum of ruminating animals such as cows and sheep. Tripe is rich in probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus) which is good for aiding in digestion, and nutrients that animals may lack with other diets. In Japan, many people are not yet familiar with tripe. However, breeders in Europe including Britain where the “quality of dog food” is important, tripe is used with great confidence. Tripe is produced under strict quality and product management regulations. NuTripe provides dogs with a canned food that appeals to their carnivorous side. The dog’s appetite and health is supported and improves upon feeding tripe

 For the sake of maintaining healthy dogs of those who are separated with their pets because of the eastern Japan earthquake, the donation of NuTripe will be distributed throughout the shelter and temporary foster homes of those dogs through ARK.

 We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Valour Pet and the President of the company, Patrick Chua, for their generous donation. Thank you for your donation which will help affected animals in Japan, and for supporting ARK.

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