【Thank you】Singer Mika Nakashima Supporting ARK During Concerts!

July 15, 2011

【Thank you】Singer Mika Nakashima Supporting ARK During Concerts!

 Singer Mika Nakashima concert tour began in April, and she has introduced ARK onstage during her show!

 Ms. Nakashima is a loving owner of 5 cats. One of them was a stray she rescued. She has since become interested in animal rescue and wanted to support ARK.

 On her most recent concert tour, ARK was allowed to set up a booth in the lobby of the venues during her shows. There were posters of ARK’s animals an information posted. ARK’s pamphlets and newsletters were also available so people concert goers could take them freely. (Picture from 7/9, 7/10 NHK Hall Venue). Also during her interludes, she has acknowledged the importance of animal rescue and care. She spoke about the effects of the Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake on animal rescue along with the people who have been devastated by the damage. Since she began mentioning ARK at her shows, her fans have been introduced to our organization,and the concept of rescue animals. Because Ms. Nakashima is mentioning ARK at her shows, animals may have a better chance at finding homes and for owners to know that they were able to help by rescuing animals. ARK is grateful for her efforts to raise awareness of our cause!

 Furthermore, Ms. Nakashima has helped create an enclosure in the backyard of the Tokyo ARK office. Before this was built, there was always a fear that an animal might escape from the backyard, especially cats. If they were walking freely around the office, we couldn’t open the windows afraid they might run out the window. Now,we don’t have to worry about possible escapes anymore! Now both dogs and cats could enjoy the backyard, and soak up the sunshine.

 In September, she is set to release her new single, which is also the title song to a movie soundtrack. We are very grateful that she is supporting ARK. We would like to thank her for introducing ARK to a new audience.

Ms. Nakashima is still on tour! If you are planning to attend one of her upcoming shows, please stop by our booth and visit us! Thank you Nakashima-san!