【Thank you!】2nd Handmade Market at Kishimojin!

March 1, 2010

Handmade Market at Kishimojin

The sewing instructors who help each year at Tokyo ARK are participating in a handmade bazaar in Kishimojin!

Date: April 18 (Sun)

Everybody is welcome to join in the event!

20% of proceeds from sales will be donated to ARK.

Kishimojin Handmade Market homepage (Japanese only)

Below are some of the creations for cats and dogs made by the sewing instructors.

☆Dog beds made out of used denim fabric

☆ Pet winter clothing made from used clothing

☆ Bandanas made from pieces of fabric.

~Instructors’ blogs~

Y.Aさんブログ :つくり続けるまいにち

T.Nさんブログ :ecomin e yuki

E.Lさんブログ:E.L. and Kyoko