Unsung Heroes!

January 3, 2010

Unsung Heroes

A call came in from Susan Roberts of Japan Cat Network: A young couple had found four newborn kittens in a rubbish bin in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area. Susan was in Shiga Prefecture and she knew the kittens only had hours to be rescued or die. “Do you know someone experienced in caring for newborns?” she asked. We thought for a moment and then hit on a name. Igarashi-san!

Taking care of newborn kittens is extremely difficult. Not only is it an enormous amount of work, it can also be an emotionally draining experience as chances are always high that one or more of the kittens will not survive.

Newborn kittens have compromised immune systems because the babies are likely to have had no or only very little mother’s milk. The kittens need to be bottle-fed and toileted every three hours. They need to be kept warm round the clock.

Nonetheless, thanks to a loving foster volunteer, Igarashi-san, we have experienced a small miracle. The kittens are now 1 month old and all four are healthy and doing well.

Caul, loves to be held.

Anela, takes life as it comes.

Shayne is the curious one.

Mana is more delicate and insists on never being left alone.

All for one and one for all!

We feel very lucky that we have Igarashi-san’s help. We know that with her help and her husband’s help any kitten, no matter how tiny or weak, has the best chance of survival it can possibly have.

Thank you, Igarashi-san. The care and nurturing you provide is truly an amazing gift.