【Thank you!】Halloween BBQ Party

October 31, 2010

Would you join us for ARK’s Halloween BBQ Party this year?
It will be held at our future sanctuary in Sasayama city of Hyogo prefecture.
We will be welcoming you with roasted beef and lamb marinated with Ms Oliver’s special sauce, and there also will be Ms Oliver’s special dip and salad along with yakisoba (stir fried noodles) made by our talented staff.
Ex-ARK dogs, their owners, dogs that are not from ARK and their owners, everyone is totally welcome.
Please come and join us!!

“Trick or Treat!”

Date:31 October, 2010 (Sun) 14:00~17:30
Location:Future Sanctuary of ARK in Sasayama city, Hyogo   
Fee:5,000 yen per person (free entrance for dogs)
Objective:A wonderful opportunity to meet ARK supporters, our volunteer foster families, and to ask for your support and donation for our future sanctuary in Sasayama city.

13:00/Opening and check in
14:00/Haloween Parade
Dogs and people will be wearing their costumes for the parade. Theme and concept is whatever you desire! Prizes are to be awarded for the outstanding costumes: Oliver Prize for the most lovely costume (winner will receive a signed ARK book and ARK merchandise), Best Halloween Prize (winner will receive an ARK merchandise), ARK Tails Prize (winner will be taken a photo to be posted and featured on ARK Tails blog).
Roasted beef and lamb marinated with Ms Oliver’s secret sauce, Ms Oliver’s special dip and salad, and delicious Yakisoba (stir fried noodles) made by our staff

・You don’t need to wear a costume, you are more than welcome to join and to enjoy other people’s costumes!
・You are free to leave if you need to even if it is before the closing time.
・Please come by a car if you could.
・Cancelled in case of heavy rain.

Please fax or email us (ARK Osaka) with the following details for registration: name of all participants with furigana, number of participants, address of a main participant, telephone number of a main participant, method of transportation (number of cars if any), name of the dogs participating (if any of them are ex-ARK, please note) and the number of dogs participating, and if you plan to join us with your costume.
If you have any underage participants, please note their ages.

Deadline 15 October (Fri)

Contact: ARK Osaka           
Tel : 072-737-0712
Fax: 072-737-1886