【Thank you!】"Dogs & Cats Without A Home" Photo Exhibition

November 24, 2006

As a part of Animal Protection Week, we are going to hold an ARK photo exhibition and discussion with ARK representative, Elizabeth Oliver and ALIVE Osaka representative, Ms. Naomi Nishikaze at Café & Dining Magatama in Osaka City.

Magatama has a ‘Dog Day’ and welcomes people with their dogs between 11:00 and 23:00 every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday. It is a lovely café with a space where people and dogs can have a good time together.
Why don’t you visit the café with all your friends!


○●○●‘Dogs & Cats Without A Home’ Photo Exhibition○●○●

We are going to exhibit photos of the animals sheltered in ARK.
We will also display files containing the profiles of dogs and cats that need homes with their photos. Please take a look at them too.

Duration: Monday 17 September 2007 – Monday 24 September 2007 (8 days)
11:00 – 23:00 *Admission free

○●○●‘The Choice for Happiness’○●○●
~The Message from the Ones Who Speak for Animals~

We are going to show some videos and have a talk titled ‘The conditions for Happiness’ with ARK representative, Elizabeth Oliver and ALIVE Osaka representative, Ms. Naomi Nishikaze.

Time & Date: Sunday 23 September 13:00 – 16:00
*Admission free
*Reservation required 090-6064-9533 (SYMBIOSIS Executive Committee Ms. Tanaka)

Place ( for both the photo exhibition and talk):
    MAGATAMA cafe×dining Homepage

    1-4-14 Tamatsukuri Chuo-ku Osaka City
     Close to JR Tamatsykuri Station
     Walk east for 1 minute from Underground Tamatsukuri Station

Promoter: SYMBIOSIS Executive Committee

Dogs and cats that exist right around us cannot change their living environment by themselves. They have been driven into a corner, on the verge of death, yet they are still trying all they can to survive in that condition. (It’s only human beings, on earth, who can think of ending our own lives.) If life and death of other species of animals can be left to human ego, isn’t it also possible for us to co-exist with other animals and save them with a thoughtful human mind?
We hope we can convey ‘the true meaning in the activities’ of those who are totally dedicated to animals in order to build a society where people and animals can live happily together.

SYMBIOSIS Executive Committee Masumi Tanaka


Please look at SYMBIOSIS Homepage for the details of the event including the scheduled program, etc.

To avoid confusion, we can only admit visitors who have made a reservation in advance to the video show and the talk.
Please make a reservation with Ms. Tanaka from SYMBIOSIS Executive Committee on 090-6064-9533.