A delightful meeting with ISSH’s Headmistress Yvonne Hayes

April 27, 2017

International School of the Sacred Heart(ISSH)is a historic International School based in Hiroo, Tokyo. For many years the wonderful faculty, students and school community has come together to help support ARK through their Family Festival and various school workshops.

During Ms. Oliver’s recent trip to Tokyo, she was able to sit down with Headmistress Hayes to discuss various aspects of animal welfare that has been brought to Japan from overseas.
Topics such as the importance of education, the need to maintain a high level of animal welfare, along with the future vision of both ARK and ISSH, was also discussed. A fundamental part of the school’s philosophy is to encourage the students to be responsible citizens of the world who have worthy contributions to offer society.


    (Elizabeth Oliver (Light) and Headmistress Yvonne Hayes (right))

      The students are encouraged to share with others, to adopt an outlook which respects the needs of others and inculcates service as a natural part of life. This most certainly shows in the positive attitude of the students and the wonderful energy they possess in regards to helping ARK. A popular Animal Rights Club has even been started and we are thrilled to take part.

      Headmistress Hayes, the ISSH faculty and of course the students, a heartfelt thank you for all your amazing work and your unwavering dedication in support of ARK.