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【Thank you!】 Large-Scale Dog Rescue

January 3, 2011


Large-Scale Dog Rescue

[Updated on Feb. 8]
We sequentially perform contraceptive operations on the dogs we rescued last week. They are now preparing to leave ARK for their new families.
However, some dogs have not had operations as they are too skinny to have operations. We are now trying to increase their weights by feeding prescription food (Intestinal, high energy.)
Free samples from hospitals would be even enough. We appreciate your help.

Please send donations to:
Animal Refuge Kansai
595 Noma Ohara,
Nose-cho, Toyono-gun,
Osaka-fu 563-0131
TEL: 072-737-0712

“Many thanks for your support!”

Four dogs that could have contraceptive operations immediately will join the adoption event of Tokyo ARK on February 12. Come and see them!
For more details, visit following Website.


ARK received a phone call one day. It was from a breeder and he said he had become ill and was repeatedly hospitalized. As a result, he can not take care of his dogs any more. He also said the dogs have nowhere to go as he was ordered to leave his house within February.

We managed to keep space for the dogs and visited the site to rescue them on January 31. It seems that the breeder kept the dogs in a house located in a residential area. He took care of the dogs relatively well, compared with other breeders ARK has encountered before. The breeder said he let them free in a room when he had some time. The dogs were all very friendly and well-behaved.

In this occasion, we took 16 female dogs:
7 Dachshunds
3 Papillons
2 Pomeranians
2 Miniature Schnauzers
1 Belgian Tervuren
1 Standard Poodle

We will have to take 6 male dogs left in the house by the end of February. To take them, we need to find new home for female dogs ASAP and prepare space for the male dogs. We have already been seeking adopters for them and will sequentially update their profiles

They are all friendly with other dogs, so please adopt them. We sincerely hope your kind cooperation.

“We’ve been groomed and are waiting for your visit!”