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Please Support Our Large-Scale Rescue

January 3, 2011

Please Support Our Large-Scale Rescue

The dogs rescued in June are day by day looking healthier and happier and one by one are leaving ARK for new homes. However, the dogs that are still at ARK continue to have dirty ears so we have been using “Epiotic Ear Cleaner” on them. We are running low on it so if you have any opened bottles lying around your house we would appreciate it if you could donate them to Osaka ARK!


A certain breeder became sick in June and decided to give up the breeding business. The breeder voluntarily looked for homes for the dogs but there were several that were unable to find homes so the breeder asked ARK for help. The breeder said the dogs would be sent to another breeder if ARK did not take them in. We decided to take in the dogs and find them loving new homes so that they will have the chance to enjoy their lives as loved family members and not as breeding machines.

On June 27, we brought 11 dogs to ARK.

1 Black Shiba (female, 7 years old)
1 Cavalier Spaniel (female, 7 years old)
1 Dachshund (male, 9 years old)
8 Dachshunds (female, 3-9 years old)

These dogs were kept in extremely dirty conditions and smelled terrible when we rescued them. Right away we gave them baths and cleaned out their ears. The vet then checked them and said that most of them have some problems.

All of the dogs, due to the unsanitary condition they were kept in, have skin inflammations and external otitis (external ear problems) as well as tartar buildup and gum disease. Two of the dogs have umbilical hernias and one of the dogs has a groin hernia. Two of the dogs have chronic keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), in which one has progressed to glaucoma so this dog is now receiving treatment.
Furthermore, two of the dogs are extremely underweight and one has problems with its foreleg. Another one seems to have had surgery to remove his/her ability to bark.
The Cavalier has patellar luxation on both sides, a cardiac murmur and chronic keratitis.

Luckily, none of the dogs have heartworm, they all have good appetites, and they all have good personalities. We will soon begin to have them vaccinated, spayed, undergo hernia surgery and have their teeth cleaned. We will soon post their profiles, and we are already looking for new homes for them.

We would appreciate donations to cover the costs of spaying and vaccinations. If you are able to help, please send the money our postal account below. (In the “Note” section please write “For the breeder rescue.”) We do appreciate your support!

Postal account number: 00970-2-267840 
Account holder name: Large-scale Rescue

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact us!