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"11 Ways You Can Help Dogs" by Mako Watanabe

January 3, 2011

“11 Ways You Can Help Dogs” by Mako Watanabe

Mako Watanabe’s book “Dogs and Life” (published by Asahi Shimbun Publications, Inc.) features a section entitled “11 Ways You Can Help Dogs.” It could help you to change the way you think and allow you to help more dogs.

This book is only available in Japanese.

Do you promote helping dogs?

Spread the word

Get the word out about problems facing animals in Japan such the gassing of animals rather than euthanasia as well as getting people to take in animals from animal control centers.

Don’t abandon animals

Convince people who are about to abandon their pet(s) to find new homes for them through the internet, magazines, etc.

Be aware

If you think there is a breeder who is not following the animal handling law, check their registration number, the conditions of their facilities and report them to the local authorities.

Report problems

If you find dead animals or witness animal abuse, report it to the police.

Think deeply before owning an animal

Before getting a pet, take into consideration how long your pet will live, if you can take care of it for its entire life and if it fits your lifestyle.

Watch where you buy

If you think a pet shop is bad, do not buy a pet or any pet treats from it.

Don’t let pets get lost

Register dogs and make sure they are wearing their license as well as a tag with your contact details. Even better is microchipping.

Don’t breed your pets

Always spay/neuter your pets. Breeding among related animals causes birth defects and other sicknesses. It is also hard to find homes for multiple animals.

Keep your pets

A pet is part of your family. Your pet should stay a part of your family until he/she dies.

Participate in volunteer activities

Besides being directly involved in rescue activities, you can also donate money or promote activities. There are many ways that you can be involved.

Accept new pets into your family

Request to adopt a rescued animal from a shelter or volunteer organization.

We would like to thank Mako Watanabe for spreading the word about the realities of animal rescue in Japan through her books.

This book is only available in Japanese.