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ARK gets booth in virtual world!

December 1, 2007

On December 17th, an ARK booth opened within “Second Life” – a 3D virtual world.

On this occasion, Interlink Co. Ltd., decided to support our cause by opening an ARK booth within the “Second Life” virtual world. Interlink Co. Ltd. has thus far been involved with contributing to society through charities such as Red Feather and Unicef. “Second Life” was originally started in America on the Internet as a 3D virtual world.

In this world, you create an avatar for yourself, and then you can explore the virtual environment, and communicate with people around the world.

ARK will make its presence in “Hachikokuyama Island”, an area within “Second Life” set up with the purpose of supporting NPOs such as environmental conservationist and humanitarian aid groups.

If there are “Second Life” users amongst our readers, please don’t hesitate to take a look.

There, you can meet ARK sponsor animals such as Kameoka Ryu, Moon, and Hina.

By using the currency within “Second Life”, you can feed dogs and cats, and also go on walks together. It also means that these funds go directly to ARK.

We hope that through the booming “Second Life”, many more people will not only get to know of our activities, but also that it will lead to improvements in the animal welfare of Japan.

If you would like to find out more details about “Second Life” and “Hachikokuyama Island”, please refer to the following links.

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