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【Urgent Plea for Donations】Torrential Rain Damage

July 8, 2018
【Urgent Plea for Donations】Torrential Rain Damage

ARK extends sympathy to the families of all affected by the torrential rains in western Japan.
Our Nose (Osaka) shelter has also suffered damage. While all our animals are safe, the ground has been weakened by the rain in many places, with huge cracks along the banks of the river. Some kennels are partly under water.
We are currently working to clear the debris and get the damaged kennels back in working order, but are in urgent need of the following. We will add to this list as work continues.
We ask your help in keeping our animals safe and comfortable.

DSC01609 DSC01599

    《Urgently needed》

    ●Towelling sheets
    ●Cotton rugs and bedding
    (※we are currently NOT in need of futons and other bedding which is difficult to dry out)
    ●Toys for medium to large dogs, especially toys they can spend time playing with
    ●Kitchen sponges
    ●Rubber floor wipers

    Other、Amazon Wishlist

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      Animal Refuge Kansai

      ※Please accept our thanks in advance. It may take us some time to contact you on receipt of the above.