【Thank you!】ARK 15th Anniversary and Tokyo Launch Party

January 2, 2006

ARK 15th Anniversary and Tokyo Launch Party [March 21 2005/Location: Tokyo]

On June 21, 2005 ARK successfully had its 15th Anniversary and Tokyo Launch party at the Foreign Press Club in Tokyo. Almost 90 people joined the event that night, included were a number of current ARK supporters who have helped us by donating, adopting or sponsoring ARK and our animals. The support is greatly appreciated and makes a big difference.

Members from other organizations and companies also attended the party, included were members from Life Boat Japan (an animal shelter in Kanto), ALIVE, Niigata Doubutsu Network (N.D.N) and Kobe Rescue, just to name a few.

Several speeches were made from Elizabeth Oliver (ARK founder), Katsuchi Eita (owner of ‘George’ pet goods shop), Dr. Aoki (Aoki Animal Hospital), Ume Hara (owner of ARK dog), Miyao Yoko and Sophie Khan (Tokyo ARK Representative).

The purpose of this party was to celebrate our Anniversary as well as announce our expansion into Tokyo in order to promote ARK and also to find new homes for ARK dogs and cats in the Kanto region.